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Thread: Only eating at let down

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    Default Only eating at let down

    I just mentioned this in another post and thought it deserved it's own thread.

    When my lo feeds, he seems to hang on, wriggling about and chatting to himself, not doing much till let down, then gulp away furiousely for a few seconds then do nothing again till I feel another let down. Is this normal? DH said maybe he's getting lazy and prefers to eat only when it's being squirted down the back of his neck and he has no choice - eat or drown!

    He does lots of wet nappies although his weight gain has slowed down this month and he's eating every 40mins - 1hr day and night.

    Anyone got any similar experience?
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    Default Re: Only eating at let down

    my son usually only eats for about 5 minutes...I used to worry. But he has had great weight gain (6 mo-18.5 lbs) and great output too so I stopped worrying. I think as they get older, they dont need as much to satisfy them. They are also more interested in their environment too so they may become less interested in eating. I dont know 100% if thats true but thats what I've heard from more than one person so I trust it is true!

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