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Thread: Leaking mostly on one side

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    Default Leaking mostly on one side

    I am a new mother of an 8 day old and I did a lot of breastfeeding to get the production going at the beginning. The milk is in and at first all seemed good. All of a sudden it seems that one breast has much more milk than the other. It is hard to keep him going on the right, but on the left he sucks for practically the whole time. I am also leaking on the left but not really at all on the right. I can definitely see that milk is coming out and that i am producing. What is going on and is there a way that i can get my right side to produce more?

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    I had an uneven supply for a little while, and my LC suggested that, instead of alternating which side I started on, I always start on the smaller, slower-producing side. Since babies usually nurse more efficiently on the first side, that will allow the slow starter a chance to get some really good nursing, and it will encourage the overacheiving side to cool it just a bit. That should even things out. Just make sure that once you start to even out, you go back to alternating, or you'll end up with the same imbalance all over again, just on opposite sides! HTH!
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    OH! I'm going to jump in on this one!

    I've been BF for nearly two months, had some issues at first bc I had to supplement with formula, which caused supply to go down...anyway, until about three days ago I hadn't had any issues with leaking. Maybe the first few days I would have a couple drops here and there but not much more.

    Anyway, to get to the point...my right breast leaks quite a bit only at night. I can go through the whole day with no issues but I have to change my shirt a few times a night because righty has soaked through my top.

    What gives?

    Why am I leaking all of a sudden? and WHY only at night?

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