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Thread: Help-Is She Fighting Sleep or Is my Milk Not Enough

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    Unhappy Help-Is She Fighting Sleep or Is my Milk Not Enough

    My LO is 5 1/2 weeks old. From day one we have bf and supplimented with formula.

    For the last week my LO she will bf, but after about 10-15 minutes she starts screaming like she is not getting anymore milk. When I squeeze the nipple milk comes out. So to satisfy her I switch her to the breast. Again that works for about 10-15 minutes and then she starts screaming like she is not getting any milk again.

    I continue to try to bf her and she will latch for about 30secs and continue to scream. So I give in and give her a bottle and she is fine.

    Could it be nipple confusion? (i do not think it is this because we did nurse successfully at 3am until she fell asleep this morning.)

    Is my milk truly so low she is not getting enough to fill her up?

    I have pump myself dry to see how much I am getting (I know baby can get more than pump) I can pump 1oz early morning if I do not feed her off that breast. Throughout the day I am only getting about 3/4oz - 1oz from each breast.

    I am trying to get her off formula suppliments, but I am failing miserably at that at the moment.

    I went out and bought some fenugreek today, but I just wanted everyone elses opinion on what could be going on with my LO before I started on the herb.


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    Default Re: Help-Is She Fighting Sleep or Is my Milk Not Enough

    She may be screaming because she is hitting that 6 week growth spurt a little early. During that time my LO was nursing every 1 to 1.5 hours. And him doing that told my body that it needed to increase supply. Basically you just need to nurse every time the baby gives you the cue to do so.

    Supply is driven by the LO's demand.
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    Default Re: Help-Is She Fighting Sleep or Is my Milk Not Enough

    Is it possible you actually have the opposite problem, oversupply? Perhaps you've done so well that you're making so much milk that it's bothering your LO. I had this problem for a while (still do sometimes). If you have oversupply and overactive letdown, at some point during the nursing the milk can come out so fast that it's too much for baby's mouth and she will let you know she doesn't like it. Haley used to fuss like crazy when this happened. She eventually got used to keeping up with the flow, and my supply eventually regulated. Anyway, not sure I know enough of your story to be sure about this, but I thought I'd mention it just in case. You can find more info at kellymom.com; maybe that will help.
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