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Thread: One week old has vomited 3 times, all milk in tummy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jereca74 View Post
    My goodness there is a wealth of knowledge in fellow moms!
    Yep. Which is exactly where I learned everything that I posted here!

    Thanks Haley's Mama for taking the tome to write all you did!
    You're welcome. You'll notice that it's easier for me to write a long post than a short one.
    I love my kids. I care for them accordingly. What more can I say?

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    Ok now she's 4 weeks and gaining like a champ. She had not done it in awhile like a week or more..but this morning early did it again. I am working on tweaking my diet a bit to figure out what has made her gassy the last couple of days. She is still not a easy baby to get a decent burp out of. I feel like I am trying all positions and really patting her good to coax even the tiniest burp. And sometimes I lay her down after trying for awhile to burp her, and soon she's awake with pain cries. And after trying again she might get one out..or not. Yesterday we had quite a day of belly ache and pain cries. I am thinking she is sensitive to something I am eating and I read that it is probably dairy...we'll see after a few days if she is happier.
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