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    Unhappy Proper Latch

    my baby is 1 month old and i still have trouble latching him on right. He barely opens his mouth and everyone i ask what to do about this they say just wait till he opens his mouth big and then put him on. Well you know what he never opens his mouth real big when he's close the breast. i don't want to give up but if i don't get some releif from the pain soon im afraid i will. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    Hi, Congratulations on your DS

    I am sorry you are experiencing pain....some discomfort is normal...especially in the first few seconds of latching. A lot of women have tender/sore nipples in the first few weeks as they are getting use to having a baby chomping on them constantly...it really does get better..and easier.

    Obviously the most important thing about BF is getting the latch right...do you have an LC or LLL group nearby who could observe your latch and give guidance?

    here is a link to clips showing how a correct latch is achieved...that may help.


    It takes determination, practice and repeatedly disengaging and re-latching to make sure you get it right.

    Have you tried lanisol (sp) ointment...expressing Bm after feeds and leaving to air dry..avoiding soaps on the nipple area...


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    How are his wets and poopies? Your Lo shold be having 6-8+ wets and 2-3+ dirties in 24 hours. I am asking because poor latch can cause your LO to not get enough. You can try gentle pressure on the chin to try and open the mouth more. Have you tried rubbing your nipple from nose to bottle lip? If your LO is getting plenty thats a great thing but man does it hurt!!! Sorry I can't be more help some great mamas will have some more suggestions. Have you had the latch evaluated by a IBCLC ? They are great as well as your local LLL League. Some make house calls for a fee or have a space for consultations. It hard to see whats going on over the phone. GL! It does get better. The latch is an easy fix once you find out how to fix it.


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