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Thread: Sudafed?

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    Hello all...Just curious if anyone knows if Sudafed is safe to take when breast feeding...been having some lovely spring sinus issues over here! Also, I was noticing that I have some new little dark spots on my areolas, is this normal, or is it something I should have checked out? I s'pose they could be 'age spots' but being only 26, I'm not sure about that! Thanks for the help!


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    I looked in The Nursing Mother's Companion and this what I found: "Decongestants. Nasal sparays (Afrin, Nostrilla) are preferable to oral drugs, especially if the baby is a newborn. A salt-water spray (such as Ocean) or rinse is quite safe to use during nursing. Oral descongestant can cause agitation or fussiness in the infant, and, most important, they can decrease the milk supply and might eventually cause the milk to dry up. The risk is greatest during the first six weeks after delivery. If you are planning to use an oral product, choose one with 30 milligrams or less of pseudoephedrine (Sudafed) per dose; avoid sustained-release and products with other ingredients." Look in your sudafed box and see the dose and the ingredients and what type of release. Hope this help, feel better.

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