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Thread: nipple shield question

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    Thanks to everyone for responding. This message board has been a godsend. Last week at this time, I was feeling like a complete failure. Today, I had my 2 week old LO weighed (7lbs, 3oz at birth) and he was up to 7lbs 9oz. So he's definitely doing just fine. I would love to be without the shield, but it could be much worse, I see now, and I feel good that he is exclusively on the breast. And now I'm confident that he will grow out of the shield phase, but, if not, it's OK. Thank you for the support!

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    My DD is 8 mos. old now and we too used the nipple shield for, oh, her first 5.5 months. Then one day I decided to try it without it and my nipple was kind of sore and she seemed to sort of wonder about it and then a week later I took it away and suffered through some (very slight) pain -no cracks or anything like that just a little tug like my nipples getting used to it. Then, she was completely off of it and now she's absolutely fine (and still breastfeeding of course). The nipple shield almost seemed to have "taught" her how to latch or something. Short story long, it caused us no problems whatsoever and allowed my DD to exclusively breastfeed so I say yeah for the nipple shield if it's working for you!

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