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Thread: Milk decrease @ 7 months?

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    Default Milk decrease @ 7 months?

    Happliy BF for 7 months. I pump 3x day @ work (15-18oz per day) M-F. No weekend pumping. I do not have freezer supply. She has started solids 2 -3x day and ocassionly takes juice. Now for the question. Suddenly I am only able to pump 10-12oz a day and worried that she may run out of EBM while I'm away. Is it possible to introduce formula at this age with success or should I be trying to increase my supply? When is cow's milk ok? Should I increase juice and solids to make up the difference?

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    Default Re: Milk decrease @ 7 months?

    You can increase solids to make the difference. Lots of moms have done that. I, personally, would not recommend increasing juice as it is mainly empty calories.

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