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Thread: Question from DCP, DS is 6 days old, re: first time b'feeding

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    Default Question from DCP, DS is 6 days old, re: first time b'feeding

    Morning! I am posting a question from our friend (and DCP) who had a son via c-section six days ago. She hasn't had time to set up an LLL account yet so asked if I would post her email for thoughts from other moms. This is her first time b'feeding. Please provide feedback and I will forward to her via email. Thank you!!

    (from Mandy)
    My breasts are still sore feeling if not gentle with them, hard to the touch. I pump every 2 to 3 hours no less or no more than 3 hours. At night Talon usually eats late about 11:30ish then once in the night and then in the early morning about 5ish or so. It's not a set schedule as you know that's hard to do with new borns but that seems to be more of what it's been. I always offer breast, both sides first, he still only takes a couple little good sucks
    then he cries so then I will offer the bottle with formula. When I pump I
    only get about 1/2 ounce or even less from each side. So not much at all.
    It's cloudish white in color. I'm not sure my milk has fully let down.
    What do you think? I haven't woken from a nap or night wet, and I haven't
    felt a big let down from what I'm told it feels like. I hope Talon will
    nurse more when my milk is fully in and flows better for him. If not I will
    have to stick to pumping and putting it in bottle for him. Which I planned
    on doing during the day but planned and hoped on him nursing from me other
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    Default Re: Question from DCP, DS is 6 days old, re: first time b'feeding

    I would say her milk is in if it is white. I never felt a "sensation" of anything when my milk came in. My DD was in the hospital for a few days with jaundice and I pumped. The nurse made a comment that it was great that my milk was in - it had turned a slightly white color. I had not even realized it! I would simply nurse as much as possible and try not to give formula for now. Maybe there is a latch problem if baby only sucks a couple of times then pulls off??? We BF every two hours on demand during the day and every 3-4 hours at night for the first couple of months. Also, since my lo had jaundice, I nursed then pumped and would "top" lo off with the pumped milk for the first two weeks. However, I know that is not recommended unless there is a special reason to do so. Just put baby to breast as often as possible. 1/2 an ounce starting out pumping is good. Babies usually only eat a couple of ounces per feeding initially.

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    Default Re: Question from DCP, DS is 6 days old, re: first time b'feeding

    A baby is more efficient at getting milk out then a pump. She may be able to pump 1/2 oz, but when the baby is drinking, the baby will drink more than 1/2 oz (if the latch is good). The more the baby is on the breast the better.

    As the other PP said, I would check the latch.

    Since the baby is so young, I would try a SNS, that way the baby will be stimulating the breast and getting milk. I heard that giving a bottle too early may lead to nipple confusion (best time to offer a bottle is 4-5 weeks).

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