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Thread: At home help??

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    Question At home help??

    Hi! I am getting ready to join a LLL Group here in my home town . I had a horrible experience Breast Feeding the 1st time,(& I gave up ) therefore I am VERY nervous about baby # 2!!! I want NOTHING MORE than to have a successful experience!! So, I want to do everything I can to make it better and get the support I need. So, I was wondering, will Consultants make house calls ??
    Thanks For Your Help!!!

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    Some Leaders will make housecalls--it's up to the preference of the individual Leader. My guess is that you'd have better luck if you went to some meetings and got to know the Leaders before your baby comes, so they know you and have some idea of who you are before they come to your home.

    Many IBCLCs are available for housecalls as well. Again, it's up to the individual IBCLC and their rates per hour vary.

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    I agree with jen!
    If a LEader knows you she's going to be more likely to come into your home to help.
    If you want to talk about some of the problems you had the 1st time we are more then willing to listen!
    Sometimes just learning more about whats normal helps!

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