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Thread: Nursing pads cloth vs spoises?

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    I used the Lansinoh for the longest time & finally decided since my son is in cloth why am I not wearing cloth nursing pads. I have hemp ones & I love them. I still wear them at a year PP because I still have unexpected leaks. The only think I don't like about them is they are more bulky the sposies, but I use them all the time. I just wear looser shirts.
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    I started out using cloth when I was at home, but they kept sticking to me. So, I ended up using disposable all the time - the Target brand version of Johnson's. I thought the sticking problem might have been related to cracked nipples / colostrum / nipple cream in the beginning, but I've tried them a few times since then and had the same problem. At around 8 or 9 mos. I was only wearing them in my "dressy" bra for when I was going out. I usually don't wear them at home.
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