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    hello ladies.. im new at breastfeeding so there are alot of times i just panic and now is one of them.let me start by saying i just gave birth on the 4th of july and have been breast feeding my son eversince..i took him to his doctor on friday and she told me that i have to feed him a little formula he was losing more then just the afterbirth weight ..and so i did just that feed formula and breastmilk..everything turned out fine he was hungry constantly i fed him every 1-2hrs but he never stays awake for that long for me to offer him both breast and he didnt nurse for that long..perhaps 15min max? my milk came in and my MIL kept telling me one boob is bigger then the other so i need to nurse on the smaller boob more often so it would be even out..and jsut today im not suffering from the engorgement but...my boobs got smaller..my right looks alot smaller then my left..what can i do to even them out?and i thought that when you're breastfeeding both of them are suppose to get big not small..does that mean im losing milk?what can i do about it?im so confused..i dont know what to do..can somebody help..

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    First, congrats on your baby! and welcome to the LLL boards, the ladies here are so kind and helpful.
    Ok. I dont think you should worry about the size of your breast. They are going to go up and down for weeks, until your body adjusts to nursing. They will even out eventually too. Right now, your milk has recently come in, and everything is brand new, so your breast are going to look & feel strange for a while. As long as you are alternating you shouldnt have any issues. Your little one isnt even a week old, I think it is a bit strange for your doctor to tell you to use formula already to get his weight back up. I think if you keep nursing on demand your son will be just fine!!
    Take care and get some rest if you can! Congratulations!

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    as long as you are BF you are going to have boobs that are never the same size - one will always be bigger than the other.

    Be careful supplementing for 2 reasons: the more formula baby gets, the less BM he is getting which means the less milk you will make. Second, you want the baby to learn how to latch/suck properly on the breast and a bottle could prevent this, making breastfeeding more difficult in the long run.

    So long as your baby has enough poopy and wet diapers he will be okay. Stress will do no one any good, so try to eliminate it if at all possible. If your MIL is making things harder for you then tell your hubby to ask her to step back a little. You should cuddle your baby, get as much skin-to-skin contact as possible and feed him on demand. If you do this everything else will work out.

    Keep it up and hang in there. Remember that long before formula and doctors there were moms who knew what was best for their babies...somehow the human race survived!!!

    Congrats - keep us posted

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    Congratulations! I have a son who will be 15 weeks old tomorrow, and I know how confusing and overwhelming everything is at first! The other posters are exactly right--nothing will be "normal" for a while, especially your breasts. If you alternate starting with a different one at each feeding they will kind of even out eventually. And I don't know about you, but even before I was pregnant I had one that was a little bigger than the other. If you feed him when he's hungry and trust your instincts to let you know when something's not right, I think you'll be fine, and so will he. And one day you will realize you got through the whole day without worrying about whether he ate enough or whatever else we worry about, and it will really become enjoyable. Sometimes it seems like that point won't come, but it really does.

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    Hi there!
    Congratulations on your new baby! What is your baby's:
    birth weight?
    lowest weight?
    current weight?

    A weight loss of up to 10% after birth is considered common. Anything more than that is concerning. We like to see them regain or surpass their birth weight by 2-3 weeks of age.

    Here is an article that can help you determine if your baby is getting enough to eat:

    Some mothers find that their newborns seem very sleepy, but are still showing all the signs of getting plenty to eat. If you're concerned about getting a little extra in at feedings, you can try breast compressions.

    Many mothers also find that they have one breast that is larger than the other, or one that produces more than the other. This is common. Most women have a "dominant" breast that will always produce a little more. If the difference between the two is large, or bothersome to you, you can try starting the feeding on smaller/lesser producing side more frequently to help even things out. But don't be concerned if they're never "equal". It's pretty uncommon for a woman to have equally producing breasts.

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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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    Hello, congrats, and welcome! I too know how confusing it is... I was always worried in the beginning! here is what I have learned:

    Formula & bottles:
    *Can cause nipple confusion if your baby is younger than six weeks, possibly causing him to reject the breast
    *Will decrease his interest in nursing due to being full, thus causing you to make less milk form less stimulation- could potentially cause a vicious cycle detrimental to breastfeeding

    Breast size:
    *Will be very different from what you're used to. They may get larger, they may get lumpy, they may even out, they may always stay uneven. Every woman is different! Some women say they have a "dominant" breast in milk production throughout all of lactation.
    *If you are worried about not making as much milk being the cause of your breasts getting smaller, consider these things; you get engorged when your milk first comes in, and then they get smaller again. Also, many mothers who have plenty of milk are NOT engorged. A way of telling if you have enough is by exclusively breastfeeding, no supplementing, and watch your baby's diapers. If they have 6-8 wets (more for cloth) & 2-3 poopies in a 24 hour period, then they are getting enough, and you have enough milk! This was a lifesaver for me because my LO never nursed very long before going to sleep.

    The best thing you can do for your breastfeeding relationship right now is to nurse on demand, excluding pumping or supplementing. Your milk supply will tailor to your baby's specific, individual needs if you allow him to nurse whenever he wants, and he should be getting enough to eat that way, as long as there are no other breastfeeding issues. You can always come back here with your questions!


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    I think everyone covered it pretty well. I just wanted to add my own experiences. Throughout bfing I have had issues with one breast getting engourged. First it was the left, then it switched to the right. This also caused OALD (over active let down) which made it a liitle difficult for my son to nurse at times. I would usually start with that side though as I knew it had a lot of milk for him & then try to switch, but he usually fell asleep before then. It is so normal to have uneven breasts in the beggining & I still have it happen sometimes now (though it's rare) & my son is 1. He always fell asleep nursing too, so he had a lot of fairly short feedings, but it was never a problem. Breastfeeding can be quite confusing when you start, especially if you don't have an LC (which I didn't) or someone else to help. Hang in there & as long as you keep track of the amount of wet/dirty diapers you should be fine with EBF.
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    I didn't get a chance to read through ALL the other posts but I just wanted to share my own personal experience

    My LO was born May 14th, and I didnt start out wanting to BF. However, during labor I decided to give it a try. When they brought her to me in the hospital the nurse gave me a quick lesson and I BF her for the first feeding, then about two hours later I gave her a bottle. My nurse was disappointed because she said that my LO had a GREAT latch for her first feeding and that she had never seen a baby nurse so well in the beginning like that. Still, I didnt want to continue. I thought I only wanted to do it for the first few days to give her the colostrum but then I got a phone call from a friend who gave me some encouragement and I started to enjoy it. During my stay in the hospital I alternated bottles and BF because my nipples ended up being very sore and at times I could not take the PAIN. When i went home I decided to forget bottle feeding and BF exclusivley. Until I took her to the pedi and she told me that I needed to formula feed my LO because she had lost a few more ounces and was jaundiced. I was extremely disappointed but I went ahead and followed the ped's advice and the 4 days later her jaundice was gone and she had gained back all her weight. I was eager to stop using formula but those 4 days were enough to cause SO MANY issues with BF. She no longer had a strong suck, the bottles made her "lazy" and my supply had decreased. I was heart broken. I cried on my best friends shoulder (BAWLED more like it) and she said "and to think, that you didnt even WANT to BF)
    I was determined to get my LO back to the breast though so I consulted with someone VERY helpful at my local WIC office and ended up using a SNS. Well, now 6 weeks later my LO is exclusively BF, she even refuses the bottle. She wont use a pacifier either. She hasn't had a bottle in 4 weeks! She uses me as a pacifier, which sometimes can be a pain, but I really don't mind all that much. I'm just happy to be there for her. Her 2 month Check up is next Monday and I cant WAIT to see how much she has gained. But just from the looks of it shes doing WELL. She went from all skinny and small to chubby and CUTE!

    I'm so happy and proud that we made it through everything. From sore, painful nipples to a weak suck, decreased supply... I LOVE BF my LO and I'm so happy! A FAR cry from where I started out.

    Sorry so long, but I just had to share.

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    I just wanted to confer with all the other mommies. My breast were uneven to start with and have changed sizes many times through out the last year. This is a case where size doesn't matter. Just nurse your lo alternating breast. You can't really do anything about the size, mother nature will do that. Just to make you feel better, I too had to supplement after birth due to weight loss. It took me 8 weeks to get her totally off the formula and in a little over a week we will have made it a year with no end in sight. Have confidence in yourself that you can provide everything your lo needs. The more the baby is at the breast, the more milk you make, so nurse away new mommy.

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