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Thread: Weird feeding schedule or an eating problem?

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    Default Weird feeding schedule or an eating problem?

    Ok...I'll try to keep this as short as possible without leaving anything out, so here goes...

    My wife and I have a one month old as of a few days ago. He was born to term, but had to spend a week in the NICU because he had pneumonia upon birth. He was born at a healthy size...8 lbs. 14 oz. She was not able to feed for about a week because he was in an oxy tent, but once that situation was eliminated, he was all good. The hospital lactation consultant said that he had a good latch and his jaw was working good.

    Now that we've been home 3 weeks, he still latches, still has good jaw "skills" but falls asleep a few sucks in a lot of the time. He would be a dream to some as he would tend to sleep through the night if we let him, but in our case, that's not a great thing. My wife has a decent supply coming in, so when he is eating, he's getting something. She's been lucky enough to have a friend who had over 1000 ounces of pumped milk frozen who was pretty much done with it, so was more than happy to donate it to us. SO..he also gets milk from a supplimenter system (bottle type thing with two small tubes that connect to the breast..kinda like a straw for extra milk while he is at the breast) and recently, she's also given him a premie bottle with the frozen milk a couple times a day to make sure that he is getting at least a certain amount per day. He is having at least 8 wet diapers a day, and a lot of those are poopies as well; he does have other diapers we have to change with just poop as well, so we know he's getting a decent amount in him.
    A day or so into giving him the preemie bottle he was perking up..holding his head up more, very alert looking, and all the goodies that come along with that. She thought the case was closed and went back to normal feedings with just her, no suppliemtation. A day or so later, back down to sleeping 4-5 hours at a time and almost like trying to wake a person in a coma up.
    Feedings are a matter of him taking a few sips, and trying to go back to sleep..no interest in eating at all.

    We've talked the charge nurse who remembers him at the hospital, and besides him being a "snacker", as long as the diapers remain wet and poopy, he may not be on a set schedule yet.

    Last night, he did wake up on his own several times and fed quite well, but my wife and I are maybe just paranoid enough at this point to wondering when it will all end. We'd rather him have several feedings through the night, like he did last night, and we are more "night people" than early risers, so we're also wondering if he's picking up on our schedule as well, as he seems to be more alert after 7 pm to way after midnight.

    He's not jaundiced, and although his weight had dropped to 8-4 when we had him weighed a few weeks ago, he's pretty much back up to birth weight again, with another weighing tomorrow. We're setting up a pedi appointment just to see if there's anything else going on (If I could paint the entire picture of my wife's pregnancy, labor, and birth before all this, you would have run away a long time ago!) We've tried calling a couple of the LLL consultants in our area, but have gotten no replies back from our messages, and the lactation consultant we were told to call automatically told us that maybe he needed formula! (great first impression) I don't think we'll be calling her back. We've had experience with dehydrated newborns before, so we are trying our best to not have this happen to all of us again (was not pretty both times and both of those kiddos wound up on formula )

    At this point we just want our last kiddo to be healthy. What do you think? Besides setting up an appointment with a pedi, we're just not sure at this point if we're just being paranoid, that he's eating enough, peeing enough, pooping enough, sleeping enough. With him being wide awake later on in the day, is he just a "night baby" in a family of "vampires?" I have a long list of people to call now that I have found this site so I'm hoping we can get this solved before the last thing that can go right with this whole pregnancy gets canned and we're buying formula again..


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    Default Re: Weird feeding schedule or an eating problem?

    It is always a good idea to talk to the ped when you are concerned.

    If the output is good (6-8 wet diapers a day) he is probably getting enough to eat.

    It is a good idea to run away from any lactation consultant that suggests formula! :confused

    My DD was jaundiced and very sleepy. I stripped her down to her diaper and annoyed her with a wet washcloth to keep her awake for feedings.

    It sounds like you are doing a great job! I am sorry things have been so dificult for you. I hope others can offer advice as well.

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    Default Re: Weird feeding schedule or an eating problem?

    Sounds like you're doing a good job. my DS was sleepy all the time the first 2 months. We had to wake him with cold cloths. I would suggest trying to wake him when he is in REM sleep, it's easier to wake.

    When he is finally awake and latched, try breast compressions. This website has some videos that show how to do compressions:

    Good luck!

    PS - it does get better, trust me!

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    Default Re: Weird feeding schedule or an eating problem?

    It sounds like a typical newborn behavior to me!!!!

    Newborns are sleepy babies, even when not jaundiced. As everyone here will tell you, things like undressing the baby during feedings, wiping them with cold wet cloths, and changing their diapers will help wake them back up. Also if your wife is nursing cradle style, try lifting your baby's arm up a bit in the air when he stops sucking... seriously that is like a lever to get them back to sucking.

    From everything that you posted, seems as if your wife is doing a beautiful job with the new baby and as time progresses he won't be as sleepy when feeding. It's okay for some feeding sessions to be 'snacks' and some longer, as long as the baby's diaper output is healthy.

    You said the baby was alert after the few bottle feedings, then went back to being sleepy after breastfeeding? Probably just a coincidence! Some days the baby will be more alert, some days sleepy. One thing I have learned is as soon as you think your baby is into a routine it changes.

    Good luck with everything and you will certainly find lots of support on these forums... they make the day a lot easier w/ a new baby in the family.

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