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Thread: Growing Spur or teething or hungry for solids??

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    Default Growing Spur or teething or hungry for solids??

    LO is 4 and a half months, she would wake up every hour during the night to nurse for the past 2 weeks, this seems long for a growth episode. She eats normal during the day, every couple hour ebm, and I started a little bit of rice cereal once or twice a day. She seems to be distracted when I bf, she nurses for a short period and pulls away from my breast. At night, I can feel her gums pressing on my nipples. Her weight gain is not as rapid as before as she seems to nurse less and more frequently.

    Is this normal for her age??
    Should I increase the amount of solids?
    How would I comfort her teething problem (only seems to happen at middle of the night)?

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    Default Re: Growing Spur or teething or hungry for solids??

    From what I have heard, teething pain at night is worse. Maybe the laying down? I'm not sure. If hse seems really uncomfortable you could give her some baby tylenol. My gal went through a growth spurt for almost 6 weeks where she ate every 2 hrs 20 min each side. It was so tedious!
    yours is at the age wehre they get distracted easier, my 5month old pulls away too. Try putting her in a different position, maybe tummy to tummy with you to keep her looking at you.
    Good luck
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    Default Re: Growing Spur or teething or hungry for solids??

    this happened to me when my son was 5 months and I posted pretty much the same thing. I thought he was more hungry so I tried the single grain oatmeal (I didnt do rice) and he did eat it, but it didnt stop him from nursing every hour at night. I think it could be a growth spurt. I read on here that they can last about that long!! I dont really have any advice, except that she will cut back eventually!! Hang in there!!!

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    Default Re: Growing Spur or teething or hungry for solids??

    Thanks for your encouragement, I feel better just because of your kind words.

    Can I give her a pacifier at night to comfort her? Or will that make her feel worse??

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    Default Re: Growing Spur or teething or hungry for solids??

    I'm going through the same thing right now. My LO was sleeping really well till he hit 4 months then suddenly he started feeding every 40mins - 1hr through the night (he feeds every 2 hours or less during the day). This has been going on for 3 weeks now and I'm very nearly going mad through sleep deprivation. Don't know what to do but here are some suggestions I've had: teething (give pain med, cool chew toy), ear ache (see Dr), growth spurt (although, like you, he's not gaining now as quickly as he has been, and this seems rather a long time for a growth spurt), distractable baby (basically, he's really nosey and interested in what's going on around him during the day so doesn't feed very well and needs to pack in the calories at night), nipple attachment (needing my boob to fall back to sleep after every sleep cycle - need to try to gently wean him off - I've playing this game for a few days now: lo feeds, gets very sleepy, i remove my nipple, he roots and fusses, i replace nipple, 2 sucks 1 swallow, sleepy lo, remove, fuss, replace, repeat, repeat, repeat... eventually, he sleeps without my boob but it takes a while. The aim is that he learns that he doesn't have to have a nipple in his mouth to fall asleep. You have my sympathy, this is tough I haven't yet tried rice cereal - I bought some but a couple of people said it makes no difference (and is empty calories) - did it have any effect for you? I'm really hoping this is a phase he'll just grow out of Till then, I can barely function and spend my days in a sleepy fog. Good luck, I'll keep an eye out for more handy posts (yawn).
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    Default Re: Growing Spur or teething or hungry for solids??

    I'm glad to hear so many people are experiencing the same thing. My 4 month old was sleeping for 6-7 hours at night until three weeks ago. He then started waking every 2-3 hours to nurse or just take his pacifier. About a week and a half ago he got back to 6 hours, but last week he started back with his 2-3 hours. I've tried all the suggestions, but he just seems to need to wake up. He has been really distracted during the day, but seems to be eating the same amount during the day. It is so hard to go from having some semblance of a sleep schedule to no schedule at all.

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