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Thread: does it happen to anyone else?

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    Default does it happen to anyone else?

    I am exclusively breastfeeding my 3 month old DS. I sometimes feel my breasts filling and kind of pressure as if some one is sitting on my chest (I can't describe the feeling appropriately)...anyway, is it just me? should I be concerned or does it happen to anyone else?

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    Default Re: does it happen to anyone else?

    are your breasts throbbing? or is just when you are engorged or too full??
    I am not sure if I've had a feeling like that except when I am so full it hurts.
    sorry just trying to get more info. I guess I am not much help!

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    Default Re: does it happen to anyone else?

    Early on in my bfing career with Henry, I felt that sensation of my breasts filling up and thought it was normal, but then later discovered it was thrush in my milk ducts. It wasn't just a filling up feeling but for me it also really hurt. It was deep in my breasts. In reality I don't think you really feel them filling up per se. Are you getting very engorged? Are you pumping at all? It could be normal for you or it could be an indictation that something isn't quite right.

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    Default Re: does it happen to anyone else?

    Could you be experiencing a let-down? I don't consistently feel mine, but will often feel the let-downs when I am not nursing or pumping! Next time it happens check to see if you start to leak. That is the only thing that I can think of.

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