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Thread: should baby really be eating 1.5 oz an hour?

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    Question should baby really be eating 1.5 oz an hour?

    I was looking over the Breastfeeding Companion, and I came across the statement that babies should be eating around 1.5 oz for ever hour you are gone at work...so if you're gone 10 hours, baby should consume 15 oz or even more.

    My baby (almost 4 months old) eats nowhere near that amount.

    I'm gone from 10:30 to 6:30. What's a normal amount to eat in that time range? or is there a normal?


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    Default Re: should baby really be eating 1.5 oz an hour?

    As long as your baby is having plenty of wet and poopie diapers, gaining, and growing, there is no need to worrry! http://www.lalecheleague.org/FAQ/enough.html

    Many babies consume less ebm while mom is away, and more milk directly from the breast when baby and mom are together. It's called reverse cycling.

    I'm moving this thread to working for more replies.

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    Default Re: should baby really be eating 1.5 oz an hour?


    I think the amount varies wildly from baby to baby. My son settled into drinking 4 4-oz bottles at daycare when he was about the age of your baby. We are separated from 630 am to 530 pm 4 days a week, and a bit less on a fifth day.

    Since he started waking up a lot at night we started co-sleeping and now he eats more at night, leading to him sometimes only drinking 3 of the 4 oz bottles during his time at daycare. (He's 7 months old now.)

    If your baby seems happy, etc. (all the stuff above in the previous post) and you have a sense of how much milk you baby drinks (and that you should send), I think you are all set.

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    Default Re: should baby really be eating 1.5 oz an hour?

    The guideline that I think you're referring to is 1oz to 1.5oz per hour. However, that's just an average. Some infants will eat more or less than this. As long as your baby is healthy, happy, peeing, and pooping, everything is fine for your baby!
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