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Thread: how can she not be hungry?

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    Default how can she not be hungry?

    Hi all. So this past week, my 10 week old has been sleeping longer thru the night. And actually, last night she went 7 hrs (!), 1015 until 530, ate alot from 530-630, and then woke up at 10 am!! This is by far the longest she has gone, usually we have a 245 am feeding and then another at 8 (used to be 6). So at the 10 am feeding this morning, she ate the left side, which didnt feel like all that much, surprisingly, and then ate a little from the right and started refusing and getting mad! Im worried about my milk supply with all this change! Im excited to be getting more sleep, but I feel all outta wack, worried that she won't get enough! How will my boobs compensate for the missed feedings? Should I pump (i know about oversupply issues)? What if she then gets hungry? Will it work itself out without supply issues? Thanks!

    While awake, she seems normal and happy, and is having good diaper output!

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    Default Re: how can she not be hungry?

    expect that to change when she has days that she wants to nurse more often!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbird1 View Post
    How will my boobs compensate for the missed feedings? Should I pump (i know about oversupply issues)? Will it work itself out without supply issues?
    Hi there! So that does seem like an awfully long time to go without a snack, and I understand your concern. I think Abbey has it right about the diaper output. The way you are really going to tell how much baby is getting is by looking at what comes out. It doesn't matter when it goes in, so long as its getting there.
    According to many resources 5-6 hours is considered a full nights rest, and it looks as if your baby has decided to sleep the night (at least for now)! It can be uncomfortable to go that long all of the sudden, when your breasts are still thinking you are on another schedule. If the fullness is bothering you, you can pump off the top, or in other words, pump out a little but do not empty the breast (or you'll be in for it).
    Your breasts are all about adaptation; they will figure out the new schedule in a few days or up to a week. If you continue to nurse on demand and watch for hunger cues all should be well. hth

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    Default Re: how can she not be hungry?

    Haley is also 10 weeks old, and she has been sleeping 6-7 hours at night for a few weeks now. It took a little while, but my supply did adjust to this new schedule. She nurses a little more frequently throughout the day now (on most days), and I know she's getting plenty because of diaper output and because I know she'd let me know if she was hungry! Your supply will get used to being more plentiful during the day and slower at night, and you'll still have plenty for when your LO wants to eat. I know I do because, despite going long stretches at night, I still drip and sometimes even spray during the day if Haley unlatches herself! If you get uncomfortable at night, you can pump or express a little bit, just enough to relieve the pressure, but it WILL eventually regulate so that you feel just fine at night. Enjoy your sleep, mama!
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    I'm going through something similiar. My lo has started sleeping 5 hours a night, gets up and only feeds off of one breast, then sleeps for another 2-3 hours. The first few nights I was getting pretty engorged, but it's getting better now. I've found that he feeds more frequently during the day now though, every 2 hours, you could almost set a clock to him.

    PS - gbird1 where in South East Alaska are you from? I'm orginally from the Yukon.

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    when my ds was around that age he would go 12 hours easy with no feedings. i was def a little nervous, but fast forward a little bit and he was right back to waking every couple of hours and i was wondering what happened to my kid that slept through the night. now that we are teething full force (4 top teeth at once) we never know what the night will bring. like pp said, if out put is fine, enjoy every minute of it momma!
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