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    Everything was going great up until this evening. It took Kayleigh over half an hour to get a letdown and let me tell ya she was not a happy camper about it. The milk in my right breast would not let down, after 3 nursing sessions I finally got a letdown and put her immediatly on it but after 5 minutes she was done with that breast. She never lasts long on my right breast, 10 minutes at the longest and then she wants put back onto my left breast. She was up again about an hour ago and it took her so long to get my milk to letdown, so I put her my right breast and got a letdown, she drank some and pulled off and stuck my left breast back into her mouth. I feel like a cow over here.
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    Here is a link that goes over some information about your let down reflex. I'm not sure if the delayed letdown has been a reoccurring problem or not? I think it is worth talking to your family doctor about the medication that is available, if you think it might help you. hth

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