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Thread: Is this OK?

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    I just wanted to say thanks again for all of the quick responses. I really appreciate it.


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    Also, breast size is not an indicator of production ability. It *can* be an indicator of how much milk you can store, but that's not always the case. Mom's with a smaller storage capacity tend to need to feed their babies more often, because they won't get quite as much milk as they would if mom had a larger storage capacity. The more often the breast is emptied, the more milk it makes (so, as a small-chested momma you could easily produce more milk in a 24 hour period than a large chested momma!).

    Regardless, breastmilk is so easily digested that babies tummies empty pretty quickly. That's why BF babies eat more often than FF babies. Formula takes longer to digest, thus keeping them "full" for longer. The more often baby's tummy is empty, the more often he eats. The more often the breast is drained, the more milk is produced. Thus, mother's supply is determined by the baby's demand.

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