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Thread: Questions from a friend, just had c-section

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    Question Questions from a friend, just had c-section

    Hi all,
    I'm a bf mommy of a 15 month old, and a friend of ours (also our DCP) had a c-section 3 days ago. She didn't bf her previous child and really wants it to work this time around.

    Her new son is healthy, was 7 lbs 10 oz and 21". She's waiting for her milk to come in (I've been reassuring her mine came in on day 5; it's different for everyone). She's having trouble getting baby to latch on. She says he latches on, then falls asleep because (as she puts it) "he's not getting any food".

    She did say he's having poopy diapes, so it sounds like he's getting the colostrum. A couple of nurses have made comments like "your milk should be in by now" and also have had her use one of those devices where they feed baby formula via the tubes that tape to your nipples.

    I'm going to go visit her later today, and if anyone has words of advice or experience please share them and I will print out the posts and show them to her. My friend's name is Mandy. Thanks guys!
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    Default Re: Questions from a friend, just had c-section

    I have had 2 c-sections. My first I was in labor and then had a c-section so my colostrum was in right away really thick. My 2nd was a schueled c-section and my colstrum was in but not like the first. Tell her to pinch her nipple. If she she sees clear fluid coming out she has colostrum. Also c-section babies are sleeper babies than natrual, its from the anasthesia. So tell her to get a wet rag and just touch the babies face with it. I got my milk in the 3rd day with my schueled c-ssection baby Kennedy. Kaylynn my first dd, my milk took 4 days.Your body knows to make milk. When your placenta detaches it realses hormones to make milk. Well thats what I was told. Also all the baby needs for the first few days is a teaspoon of colostrum. Tell her good luck and keep trying

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    Default Re: Questions from a friend, just had c-section

    You're a good friend to gather information and encouragement for your friend and her baby!

    One thing that every new mother/baby dyad should do lots of is very simple: skin-to-skin contact. Have the baby in just a diaper and nestle him against her bare chest. They can just relax that way as much as possible. The skin-to-skin contact is a powerful organizing stimulus for a newborn -- it will help bring to the fore his hard-wired breastfeeding reflexes. It is also good for the hormones that control her milk production. And with easy, immediate access to the breast, the baby will be more likely to nurse frequently, which will help even more with her milk supply, especially if he is too sleep to nurse for very long each time.

    Here is an article written for LLL Leaders that explains the theory behind this practice (called Kangaroo Mother Care).

    When he is nursing, your friend can try breast compressions to keep him actively nursing a bit longer. This non-LLL resource explains the technique.

    And this FAQ from the LLL website explains how to tell if your newborn is getting enough milk.

    It's good that her nurses know to avoid the use of artificial nipples to offer supplemental feeds. But if the baby's diaper count is good, there is no need for supplemental feeds. If supplements are necessary, your friend should be encouraged first to express whatever colostrum she can and offer that. Babies need only small amounts of milk during the first few days after birth. She may be able to manually express (just her hands, no pump required) her colostrum right onto a spoon and spoon-feed it directly to the baby. (That link is to a non-LLL website, but the technique described is approved by LLL.)

    Best of luck to your friend! Above all else, reassure her that many, many mothers breastfeed successfully after cesarean births, and let her know some of the many resources that are available to her if she has questions or needs help with breastfeeding.

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    Default Re: Questions from a friend, just had c-section

    I had a c-section too and had a sleepy girl who latched on great but fell asleep all the time. The nurse told me to use the pump that they had there to get the colostrum out and I fed it to her with a cup. My milk came in before I left the hospital (day two I think), but everyone's different.

    I was told not to worry if she's getting enough since their tummies are so small in the beginning. any amount is worth it. I remember cup feeding her less than an ounce of colostrum.

    Tell your friend to just keep offering the breast. Her LO will soon make it known that she's hungry and can handle more.


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