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    hello ladies,

    My name is LaTonya and I'm a mother of three: Collin 7 yrs, Caiya 22mos., and Chloe' 11weeks. Unfortuantely I've only breast feed two children successfully. I 'd like to know how many of you all wear nursing pads, and if you do how long have you had to wear them... It appears with every child I've nursed including my oldest for only six months during that time I wore nursing pads everyday for six months and while I was pregnant with my third and nursing my second child I wore nursing pads. I guess my question is... When will my breast stop leaking to the point that I'm no longer wearing the nursing pads. Are there any tricks you all may have for me to keep them from leaking even when I'm not nursing?

    Thanks for taking the time to listen,

    Mother of three in Tampa

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.
    It sounds like you are wondering if the faucets ever turn off? The answer is yes, but "when" varies from woman to woman. If you are able to be at home and let your breasts air dry themselves out, I suggest it. A little milk doesn't stain clothes or anything. The added advantages of not wearing breast pads is that it is less desirable for fungus and bacteria to hang out and multiply. I would say that not wearing a bra is even better. A tight bra can stifle milk production as well as dig into your ribs as your milk laden breasts get heavier . 11 weeks is still early to expect your breasts to stop leaking. If the price of breast pads is getting to you, just cut up some menstrual pads and use those (cheaper).

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    I could not agree more with carpenter girl! I only wear pads (and a bra) when I am at work because I have to dress up and I sometimes get stiuck in meetings that can run wayyyy to long so I end up full and start to leak. I have also notice I sometime leak when I hear another baby cry but not as much as early on when any babay (even one on TV) would make both breast start dripping! My DH would make baby cry sounds just to tease me!
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    I asked the same question a while ago. Here's a link to the thread with all the great answers I got. HTH!
    I love my kids. I care for them accordingly. What more can I say?

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    Oh, to have dry breasts! Its a distant memory...
    My DS is two months (today, Yay!) and my breast are still gushing, and i mean gushing. Ill be washing up, will feel the letdown and when i peek in my shirt each nipple will have three jets squirting out!
    Disposables did not work for me, just got full every let-down, and i'd end up with milk running down into the top of my jeans...YUK!. I have given up on discretion and now have a flannel folded and stuffed in each side, (or a cotton sock or prefold nappy if at home!).
    I just keep reminding myself 'It cant' last forever!!!!'
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