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Thread: 4 week old feeding schedule HELP

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    Default 4 week old feeding schedule HELP

    My LO gets up at 12,2,4,6,8am to eat. How can I get my baby to sleep longer at night. Does he need to eat every 2 hours still? I feel like all I do is nurse.

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    Default Re: 4 week old feeding schedule HELP

    4 weeks is a prime time for a growth spurt.
    many babies need to nurse up to 12 times in 24 hours to get the weight gain they need.


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    Smile it

    i hear you. i am in the same boat. my four week old can take almost an hour to nurse, so once we get a burp, i change him, and put him in his swing for 5 minutes to feed myself something, we're back into rooting mode again. yesterday he wanted to feed every 45 minutes!

    i feel like we just barely got out of the 2 week growth spurt.

    my advice, try to make the feedings time for yourself too. if you're feeling like things need to get done, take this time to make a list so you feel more organized. if you're missing your free time, grab a trashy novel and sit on the porch for feeding time to get some fresh air. make sure you're eating a lot so you can have energy after giving your sweet baby all that they need.

    i'm a new mom, so i feel a lot of the same feelings you're expressing, but this is only for a short time. you can do it.

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