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Thread: Has anyone tried CIO and it work?

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried CIO and it work?

    Yes, it worked for us. You have to be consistent, though! DS went from waking 2-3x a night to sleeping 9p-7a.

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    Default Re: Has anyone tried CIO and it work?

    I wasn't going to post because I have never had to use CIO my son was very laid back and loved his swing from day one. Most of the time that was the only time he would take a nap. My daughter was a sleepy baby and started sleeping through the night around 3 months however at 9 months she changed and refused to sleep unless I was next to her maybe a growth spurt now that I think about it. It took abou 2 months before she finally would fall asleep without a fight. What really worked was just staying in the room with her and reassuring her I was there and every week I would more farther away and spend less time in the room. It took forever but she is now 4 and up until about 2 months ago she would sleep now monsters exist lol so shes back in my bed around 4 am. I just wanted to reassure you that it can be temporary or a growth spurt and It does get better! What ever you decide to do that works I am behind you 100 % Your the mama!
    P.S What part jersey? Im in monmouth county


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