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Thread: Sore nipples at almost 6mths.!!

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    Unhappy Sore nipples at almost 6mths.!!

    Well my daughter will be 6mths. on July 18. My question is that lately my nipples been hurting when my daughter latches on!!!! I feel like im at the beginning all over again!! It wont hurt after she statrs nursing just at the initial latch on. I have been pumping a little bit more than usual to try to build up my stach again but been getting only 4-5oz. when I used to easiely get5-6oz. in a session. I'm worried that i'm drying up and that she's not getting enough to eat!! Any advice would be greatly apprecieated!

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    whats her diapar out put like? IS she growing? LOts of mothers think that their milk supply is low at that age. it's a great time for a growth spurt where they want to nurse alot for a few days.
    nipple pain can have all kinds of causes. You might want to call your local leader she can go over all the things that can be going on.
    The 1st thing that comes to my mind is teething. SOmetimes when they start to get theeth their latch gets a little lazy because it hurts to nurse.
    Is the pain buring?

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    Has ypur period returned yet? Mine did when DS was 6 mo and was preceeded by really bad nipple pain (for 5-7 days) and a supply dip around ovulation (lasted just a couple days). Just an idea. Hopefully a LLL leader will beable to help you figure out what's going on. Good luck!
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