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Thread: Weaning????

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    My dd is 9 months, and I am hoping to wean her at 1yr. I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to go about this? Do I wean her to regular cows milk, or does she still need bm from a cup? Obviously I am a first time mom, who has enjoyed EBF, but am ready to have my own body back! How soon should I start the process? DD is eating solids two times a day right now plus puffs and dried fruit for snacks.

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    Well, I'm not sure how soon it is safe to give cow's milk, but it is said that babies' sole source of nutrition through types of milk should be either breast milk or formula for the first 12 months. So if you are going to begin weaning before 12 months, you should probably replace nursing sessions with formula or EBM. HTH!

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