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Thread: Is this reflux ?

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    Default Is this reflux ?

    My DD is 3 1/2 months old.She started crying while feeding for past 2 weeks.
    Then she was diagonised with sore throat and her weight gained only 2 ounces a week(usually she gains 5 ounce a week) she did'nt nurse properly through out the time she was sick.But now the dr said she has no more infection but still i see her crying when i try to put her on breast.Previously she used to eat at 8am and then feed for 10 am.Now she is not feeding till 12am.I don't know what i'm doing wrong.I drank Mothers Milk Tea thinking my supply has gone down.But even when breast is full she is not ready to nurse.I read about reflux and I'm worried maybe she has some kind of reflex.Can anyone tell me is this reflex ?What other symtoms I need to look for reflux ?Is soar throat is a sign of reflux ?

    She has constantly gained 4-5 ounces a week in past 3 months.


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    It is not uncommon for nursing patterns to change over time. It could be that your baby's stomach has grown and she's become more efficient at nursing and so now takes more at one time and doesn't need to nurse as often. Also, weight gain can vary from week to week. My DS would often gain only a couple ounces for a week or two and then gain six ounces the next week. Does your DD cry every time you offer the breast (even after the 4 hour time span)? Maybe if when she was sick it was painful for her to nurse now she is afraid that it will hurt even though the infection is gone. If this is the case, it may get better over time as realized it doesn't hurt anymore. Or, maybe she's just not feeling completely better yet. How long has it been since the infection? Here is a link to the kellymom site (not an LLL site but very good) with some information on possible causes of crying at the breast including reflux: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...e-nursing.html

    I hope things improve!

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