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Thread: Med Question (long sorry)

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    Last week a I spoke with a lactation consultant who diagnosed me with thrush, mastitis and mechanical injury form pumping. I have been in pain for pretty much the entire 4 months I have been eping. Anyway, after talking to her and my local leader, I went to my doctor. I explained my symptoms and what the others had told me was the problem. He did thinkI could possibly have the beginngs of mastitis but disagreed that bfing wasn't supposed to be painful and that breasts weren't supposed to be hot.

    He did give me that antibiotics. .Now the lc is saying I should also get some fluconosone (sp) since the gentian violet and other treatments haven't eliminated the pain. Do I just tell me doc I need them since she said so? What if he disagrees and won't give me it? Has anyone else had that happen? There is a nurse who I have spoken with there who worked in OB at the hospital and breastfed and still gave me pretty much the same answers he did when I talked to her on the phone.

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    Are you talking about Difulcan??? My dd's ped. gave me an rx for that. It sounds like you could also benefit from yogurt with live cultures, it kills yeast on contact. As for the pain, it's going to take some time for that to be entirely elimanated, take some ibuprofen, it will help with the pain. If your doc agrees you have thrush, then there's no reason why he wouldn't prescribe the diflucan for you. GL

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