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Thread: Is this true?

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    Default Is this true?

    I'm due in 7 weeks with baby #3 and I was told that if I start eating lots of things with oatmeal now that it will help with my milk supply come time when the baby is born.

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    oatmeal does help some moms after the baby is born I'm not sure about before, its a good healthy thing to eat. Whole grains
    Did you have problems nursing your other babies?
    soemtimes getting off to the right start takes some time and effort.

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    Hi Tiffany
    Congratulations on baby number 3! Is there some reason you are concerned about your future milk supply?

    The short answer to your question is, no, that's not true. Your body is currently making colostrum, and it won't even start making milk until after your baby is born.

    The best way to build a good milk supply for your baby is to nurse EARLY and OFTEN. It's best to keep your baby as close to you as possible during your hospital stay and beyond so that your baby can nurse as often as he or she likes. Here is an article that can help you determine if your baby is getting enough to eat: http://www.lalecheleague.com/FAQ/enough.html

    Of course oatmeal is healthy and good for you, so it certainly won't hurt anything even if you eat a lot of it Some mothers do find that it seems to help their milk supply. It hasn't been proven, but again, it certainly doesn't hurt to try it!

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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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