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Thread: Bottle Strike - Is He Getting Enough Ebm

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    Default Bottle Strike - Is He Getting Enough Ebm

    OK....SO TODAY IS MY 2ND OFFICIAL DAY BACK AT WORK, AND MY BABY IS HAVING A VERY DIFFICULT TIME ACCEPTING THE BOTTLE. My baby is 2 months and 3 weeks old and has been exlusive breastfreed. I intro the bottle around 2-3 weeks and he did fine we kept it up 1 a week but last week he went on a BIG STRIKE. I ended up switching the bottle completely.

    He is with gramdma while I am at work, but I am worried he is not getting enough ebm??? His schedule has been
    Monday - 5:30am nursed, 9:00am 1.5oz ebm (it took him 1 hour to drink that), I came home at 11:30 and nursed him, 2:00pm another 1oz of ebm)
    Tuesday - 5:30am nursed, 9:00 1oz ebm (same thing as the day before, it took him approx 1hr to drink that) 2:15 - 3:15 it took him that long to drink 3oz of EBM?? Should I be concerned? Is he getting enough EBM during the day? Please help, I am stressing out!!!

    My working hours are 8:00-4:30 (I usually get back to gma's house at 4:45-5:00)
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    Default Re: Bottle Strike - Is He Getting Enough Ebm

    I was having bottle striking problems about a month ago--you might try different nipples. It sounds like maybe it is taking ds too long to finish, so maybe he needs a faster flow nipple. I would be careful with this though because if it gets too fast, he may have a breast strike. Someone told me when I was worried about dd getting enough at the sitter's that she would make up for it during her nursings--by reverse cycling, or eating more at night. I don't know that that was the case but she did okay. We tried different nipples and found the playtex nurser and she does great with those and has since. Before that we were using the avent nipples and she did great for awhile, but then must have decided she didn't like them. Both nipples are slow flow but it seems like the playtex are a bit faster. Just experiment a little and hopefully something will work out!!!

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