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Thread: latching on question

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    Default latching on question

    How old will the baby be to find the nipple and attach properly on their own?

    ALso when we are at home she latches on fine, i do have to help her get the nipple in her mouth still ( she is almost 6 weeks ) and i do check her latch and roll her lips if needed.......... but when we are out and about and im having to feed her she latch sucks, it isnt comfy, i pull her off and relatch i roll her lip but she slips down on my nipple.... is it cause i dont have the support like i do at home nursing? How can i nurse when not at home and not end up with brusied nipples???

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    When you allow your daughter to latch on all on her own is really up to you and when you feel she's capable of doing it. I can tell you that with my own nursling of 25 months, I still latch her on. She'd wreak havoc on my nipples if I allowed otherwise! LOL

    I would imagine that yes, the reason you experience difficulties nursing outside of the house is because you just don't have the physical support like you do at home. Just keep practicing and be sure you're holding your baby in the proper position. Otherwise, why not just take a seat while you're out and about? You'll figure it out! It's still really early.


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