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Thread: Sucking/Rooting Problems with a Newborn (long post)

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    Default Sucking/Rooting Problems with a Newborn (long post)

    Hello all,

    I'm having breast feeding problems with a 10 day old. He appears to latch on well and has a strong sucking ability. Also, he seems to be eating well (producing well over 5-6 dirty/wet diapers per day) and he's putting on a healthy amount of weight (3 oz every 2 days).

    However, breastfeeding him has become more and more problematic and frustrating. It seems that, while breastfeeding, he detaches from the nipple and begins rooting around. Sometimes his hands get up around his face, while at other times the trigger isn't readily apparent. Frequently, I have to call over my husband to literally hold his hands back and try to restrain him in order to re-establish a good latch. At other times, I have to detach him and use my finger in order to remind him how to suck.

    We've tried swaddling our boy, but he either falls asleep from being too comfortable, or he just detaches while rooting as before.

    This isn't an isolated event. We've tried to use our fingers to pacify our child, however, frequently he fails to suck on our fingers and instead begins rooting while our fingers are in his mouth! This is just like what he does on my breast. Thus, it really seems like he has an overpowering rooting reflex.

    Overall, the breastfeedlng appears to be working, however, it's becoming a very exhausting and frustrating experience because we can't seem to maintain a good latch without interruption.

    Can anyone suggest ways to help teach the child how to suck more consistently and cease rooting. Again, my child has a very effective suck (he can almost take the skin off your fingers!), however, he just forgets to use it.

    Thanks in advance

    Anna (and husband)

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    Default Re: Sucking/Rooting Problems with a Newborn (long post)

    IMO I would say keep it up if he is gaining well and enough wets/poopies. Since your lo is still young sounds like he may just be learning how to BF still. As fustrating as it is I can say it does get easier!! I think you doing great mama just keep up the good work your doing the best thing in the world. Since he does have such a strong suck you can be assured he is getting your milk. Sorry if Im not much help I am sure someone will be along with more advice.

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    Default Re: Sucking/Rooting Problems with a Newborn (long post)

    I'm wondering how often you are bfing? Perhaps more frequent sessions would help take the edge off bb;s hunger and let bb nurse less frantically? Could be an early growth spurt an bb needs to be at breast every 1 1/2 to 2 hours. (respectively)

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