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Thread: Nursing at night???

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    Default Nursing at night???

    Ok it may take me a bit to get to the point, but I do have one

    Almost 14 years ago I nursed my daughter for over a year--it was such a wonderful experience, not a single problem...The funny thing is I was a young "stupid" teenage mom and read very little about what I was "supposed" to be doing and never worried about supply issues or whether or not my milk was suffice I just simply nursed on demand. After 6 weeks I hardly remember her waking up at night because from day one I simply put her in my bed and nursed whenever she wanted. I hardly realized what I was doing and felt great every morning--got plenty of sleep. Eventually she hardly even woke up for night time feedings. This never impacted my supply I actually made way too much for most of the 14 months I nursed her. She just grew and grew and was so healthy. She never had formula, a bottle, and went straight to the cup--too perfect.

    Now 14 years later, no longer the laid back, lazy, "ignorant" teenager, I am a mother of 6 week old twin boys. I have read up on everything and now just all the more paranoid about what I should and should not be doing. I am always worried about my supply, potential nipple confusion, weaning, weight gain...the list could go on forever! Now finally my point...It would be nice to eventually phase out night time feedings if possible, but from what I have read this is a no-no and could impact my milk production. I nurse on demand, but the boys are pretty regular and eat every 2 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night. I even wake them up to feed them if they do not wake me after 3 hours...Isn't this what I am supposed to do in order to keep up my supply during the day??? Do most babies eventually phase out night feedings on their own? When does this typically happen? Just curious as to what your experiences are...Please share I really want to nurse my boys for the full 12 months and avoid any supplements, but I always wonder how in the world can my body keep up with the extra demands of twins...

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    Default Re: Nursing at night???

    I don't have any advice, but just wanted to say those boys are too cute! Congratulations!

    SAHM mom to Richard, born 6/6/07 at 8 pounds, now 27!

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    Default Re: Nursing at night???

    How old are your boys? They are adorable!
    BTW thanks for sharing your experience as a teen mom. What a beautiful story of following your natural mothering instincts.
    So, back to the issue at hand. At a certain age, you do not need to wake them to feed any more. I'm sorry I can't remember what it is (been a while for me!!), but my recollection is about a month.???
    My DD didn't stop night waking until just recently (she's 22 mos old) but I am a WOHM and she has always been a reverse cycler (made up for missed day feedings at night) so you may not have that issue.
    I think night waking is something that babies will grow out of eventually but if it's getting to you then there are steps you can take to encourage longer sleep stretches.
    Determine whether it is still necessary for you to be waking them. If not, you may be able to get more sleep simply by letting them sleep longer.


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    A few of my favorite things that I've discovered on the forum: co-sleeping, baby-wearing, tandem nursing, baby-led solids, cloth diapering, APing, selective vaccination...the list goes on

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    Default Re: Nursing at night???

    Thanks ladies my boys are 6 weeks old. I'm really looking forword to more hours of sleep--I'm not going to wake my boys tonight and simply allow them to dictate whatever they need

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