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Thread: Bugspray on Newborn

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    Default Bugspray on Newborn

    So tomorrow night we're going to watch the fireworks with our 6 week old. I'm worried about mosquitoes! Can you put bugspray on a newborn, are there certain brands to use? I'm worried he's going to get all eaten up since we're going to be by the lake!

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    Read the label on your bug spray. It likely says not to use on kids under 6 MONTHS. There are citronella products that are safer, but if you don't have them on hand ...

    Do you have a bug screen for your stroller or infant seat?

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    I would avoid bugspray if possible. I got a big piece of tulle netting from the fabric store - you can drape it over the stroller and it keeps the bugs away. I've even used it when he was in the sling by pinning it to my shoulders. I'm sure I looked like an alien or something, but it seemed to work. You might try something like that.
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    I second the netting. We have the same problem here, and they have announced that they have found West Nile in our town...no fireworks for us this year!

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    the netting is great...when I went to the caribbean where there are lots of mosquitos I just put a white long sleeve onsie n long pants on my dd. If got too hot I just covered her while I carried her with one of the white cloth diapers by gerber I use them for burp cloths. SHE didn't get not one bite. hth

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