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Thread: Weaning my toddler

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    Default Weaning my toddler

    We tried out Tandem nursing. I'm ready for my 23 month old DD to wean. We actually will go a day or 2...or maybe even 3 without her nursing. But then she'll want to nurse out of the blue one day. I do all I can to distract & redirect her...but at times she wants only 1 thing. (After all...she is almost 2! ) So I give in.

    Is it okay to wean her this way? She nursed today...she has "eye teeth" coming in & I was desperate for the whining to stop. And about a week ago she had her first ear infection. So I let her nurse for comfort then as well.

    If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear it. She'll be 2 at the end of the month & I'd like for her to be weaned by then.


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    Default Re: Weaning my toddler


    you might want to check out this book how weaning happens.
    most moms find that they have to set limits with older kids. IT is harder with sis or brother nursing!
    this book has a bunch of stuff about weaning too.

    good luck

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    Default Re: Weaning my toddler

    I think whenever you give yourself (or your child) a hard deadline, it's a setup. I say focus on the needs. It sounds like you're doing great, actually, in that she can go several days without nursing and yet she lets you know when she really needs to and you're responsive. She's old enough that you can explain this lovingly also.

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    Default Re: Weaning my toddler

    Weaning, especially in toddlers, is a gradual process. It sounds like it is already happening little by little, but "cold turkey" weaning doesn't often work in a child of that age, and is not a recommended method, as it is not the gentlest way to wean.

    Distracting your toddler with other activities is imperative because they must stay busy in order to sort of "forget" about nursing. You may find that nursing once a day at bedtime is sufficient and she will be getting the comfort that she has come to count on from you and will be less stressful for you than trying to quit altogether.

    Keep us posted. There are a ton of great ideas the book that Andrea recommended.

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