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Thread: Napping at daycare?

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    Default Napping at daycare?

    Hello everyone - I am just wondering how your baby's napping at daycare works out. I was just offered a job at a wonderful school with on-site daycare (I'm a teacher). I won't be starting for four more monthes and my dd will be almost 11 mos. Right now she is somewhat "spoiled" - I still feed her to sleep for some naps, she falls asleep in the car for others, and sometimes I even (shudder) hold her while she sleeps. We also cosleep at night. I would be in no hurry to change this arrangement, as it really doesn't bother me any, but my dh is getting on me to make sure she can nap alone in a stationary device (i.e. crib ) before she goes to daycare. I'm not sure what to do to start this process. Right now, she wakes up from sleeping as soon as I turn the car off, and will only sleep about 30-45 mins if I put her down at home.
    Any thoughts?

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    I was very worried about that before I went back to work, too. My house tends to be quiet, unlike the daycare center. The first couple of days DS came home very tired, and then he figured out how to sleep there. Babies seem to fall asleep in different ways depending where they are. You'll always be her first choice, so I don't think you'll have a lot of luck getting her to sleep in new ways at home and don't especially need to.

    Since the daycare is on site you might be able to duck over and feed her during the day. (lucky you!) Then, I bet, she'd fall asleep once she is sated. It should all work out fine. Good luck going back to work! Let us know how it goes.

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    When I started daycare my dd would come home and within an hour or so fall asleep for the rest of the evening. It broke my heart that I only got one of her waking hours to spend with her. Eventually (and after I mentioned this to the provider) she started sleeping more during the day, and I have an hour or two more during the evening hours.

    I'd suggest you get your dd used to as much as possible beforehand. Perhaps have her nap in the crib and turn the TV or radio on so there's noise. (Daycare's ARE noisy!) The rest she'll just get used to eventually. Babies learn quickly and while there may be an adjustment period, things balance out soon enough.

    Congrats at your new job, and I hope things work out well for you!

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    I am constantly amazed that DS who nurses to sleep at night and on weekend naps "falls in line" at daycare. There at a certain time they get out the mats and all the kids go lay down on them and sleep. (Maybe toddlers also do the mob mentality thing - if everyone else is laying down I should too) If the workers need to they'll rub backs or use other soothing methods but for the most part the kids go right down. At his old daycare they rocked him when he was a few months old, but at a year they switched to the mat and after a few days he learned to stay on it and sleep. If you get the chance try to peak in at nap time - there's something about a line of snoozing toddlers that is very endearing - maybe it's the lack of mischief!

    Believe me your daycare center is very used to kids that don't fall asleep on their own at home and they'll be able to deal with it And don't worry about the daycares schedule being different from yours. Alex eats at 11:30ish and naps afterwards at daycare 5 days a week. Then on the weekend I usually have him so worn out that he falls asleep at 11:00 and we eat lunch at 1:00. From what I can tell this schedule change doesn't bother him at all.

    I do agree with starting to provide a noisier background during naps at home - this will be good not just at daycare but for the rest of your baby's life. Someday they'll be in a college dorm or living with a spouse that likes to fall asleep with the TV or fan on (or both - gotta love my DH) and being able to sleep without total silence will be a good thing.


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