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Thread: Need to increase supply!!

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    Default Need to increase supply!!

    I went back to work for 2 weeks and quit! Son is 5mo now and my supply dwidled as i found it hard to pump while on the road with work. I can not get it back up to the point where i do not have to supplement everyday!! and when i went a day w/out supplementing, i wondered if he was getting enough. two concerns .. i dont want to starve him (how do i know) and i want to be overflowing w/ milk and have hiim detach for once again... not kicking and scratching bc he wants more. Anyone out there have advice besides pumping. And if i do pump, is this when i give him formula? he eats often and i can not fill back up by the time he's hungry again! CONFUSED AND CONCERENED. thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Need to increase supply!!

    kelly moms has a good page about getting rid of suppliments.

    how much formula is baby getting in a day
    how many times is baby nursing?

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    Default Re: Need to increase supply!!

    you could try pumping one side while he eats the other. then you can feed him what you pumped (that way to know how much he gets..). you could pump in between feedings (again save milk to top off or for replacing supplements) to tell your body that you need to increase. make sure you are drinking lots of water. i had to quit nursing altogether at 7 mos with my first lo because of medication issue. it took me about three and half weeks to work my way back up; i had been told i had to totally wean and wasn't nursing or pumping f or four straight days. my supply had dwindled to nothing and worked back up to being able to meet her needs again.
    take heart you are doing great--what a testament to your love and dedication to your lo!!
    good luck

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    Default Re: Need to increase supply!!

    Have you tried just taking your baby to bed for a day (or weekend!) and nursing as much as possible? Baby sucking is much better than any pump at increasing supply. Have you tried eating oatmeal or drinking mother's milk tea?

    If he is having enough wet (5-6/day) and poopy (varies) diapers, that's how you know if he's getting enough. Also if he's generally happy and content.

    Also, you don't need to "fill back up" before your son can feed again. You will always be making more milk and the more you nurse, the more you will have. Here's a great link on milk production.

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