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Thread: 7 1/2 - 8 month olds - schedules?

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    Default 7 1/2 - 8 month olds - schedules?

    Hi - Just wondering what and how much other babies this age are eating. My LO is quite petite so I want to know if she is eating approximately the same as others her age or if she eats less or more often.

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    Default Re: 7 1/2 - 8 month olds - schedules?

    My boy is 7-1/2 months old.

    Here's his schedule:

    4 am - breastfeed
    7 am - breastfeed
    9 am - 2T oatmeal and prunes/2oz BM in bottle

    Here's where it gets to be a "grey area" - he snacks (breastfeeding) roughly 2-3 times during the day. Sometimes he drinks a lot, sometimes hardly at all. I let him eat when he wants.

    5 pm - veggie and fruit (an ice cube size of each)/water in a bottle or sippy cup (doesn't get too much with sippy, but he tries) I've also just started giving him Gerber Finger Food Puffs to teach him how to start feeding himself. So far he's gotten about 5 in his mouth on his own in the past week. It's great practice. He likes to "gum" them too.
    7pm - breastfeed before bed

    My son is 22lbs. His weight gain has slowed down a lot though since he stopped nursing at night. He was waking at 10pm and 2am to eat. I stopped with those feedings. I sometimes question if he's getting enough without them but he needs his sleep at night since he's a catnapper!!!

    Good post. I'm curious as well to hear what you're all feeding you babies.

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    Default Re: 7 1/2 - 8 month olds - schedules?

    My daughter was still exclusively breastfed up to 9 months. I don't think there is a schedule, each child is different.

    My dd has also always been petite, she is 18 1/2 mos. right now and 23 lbs. Both dh and I are small-framed individuals, so it is not very shocking that she's small.

    Do a search on BLW or BLS (baby led weaning or baby led solids)...lots of good information floating around on the topic of food for little ones.
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    Default Re: 7 1/2 - 8 month olds - schedules?

    my son is 19 months now- and is also little- 22lbs... but when he was that age he slept 10-12 hours at night and ate every 3 hours during the day. he would get about 6-8 oz every three hours from 7am to 7-8pm with solids at breakfast lunch and dinner time... solids meaning i would make him whatever we were having, smashed carrots, avacodo, bananna, you know... he has always been little though so i think genetics has a lot to do with that as well... he is a good eater and always has been. about the schedule, both of my sons just fell into a eat every three hour schedule (2nd son was in nicu 6 wks came home on a 3 hour schedule) so i think that is up to parent and baby. i loved having them on a good pattern everyday but some parents don't... it's really what is best for your family. i did make sure with both my sons that they took in full feds at the breast.

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    Default Re: 7 1/2 - 8 month olds - schedules?

    Peter is 8.5 months.
    Peter wakes around 9. I nurse him. Then, we have breakfast together. He has a piece of bread or toast and 3/4 of a banana. If he's still hungry, some cheerios and peach. Breakfast is his biggest meal. He can sit at the tble eating for 2 hours at a time, perfectly happy. After breakfast, I let him play for half an hour or so, then nurse him down for a nap.

    I nurse him every 2 hours it seems (though on demand - sometimes he goes as long as 4 hours between feeds). For lunch, he has a little of whatever we are having - usually some salmon or pasta or more fruit. He loves cherries at the moment.

    Dinner, again he eats whatever we are eating, usually some rice and brocoli or beans and salmon or halibut, or chicken or bread....he is really easy. We give him tons of spicy things, and he loves them. Tonight he had some of my shredded chicken burrito and black beans. We just adore BLW.

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    Default Re: 7 1/2 - 8 month olds - schedules?

    My DS is 8mo this week

    rough shedule

    7am BF when he wakes
    an hr later porridge and fruit he like peach,plum, mango...loads of choice

    nap 9am
    BF after nap
    occasionally if he is interested he has a bit of my lunch..lentil soup, omlette, toast

    nap 12md
    Bf after nap

    nap 15:00
    BF after nap
    shares our food followed by fromage frais

    BF before bedtime routine about 18:30
    bed 19:30

    dream feed 23:00

    usually up for more 02:00 and 05:00

    I always offer to Bf again after solids incase ds wants a drink
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    Default Re: 7 1/2 - 8 month olds - schedules?

    I am currious about this too! My DD is not quite 8 months. At her last doctor appt she was over 16 pounds.

    wake her to nurse around 6 am
    she eats cereal mixed with bm and then the rest of the bm (usually 2-3 ounces) when she gets to daycare, usually around 8
    she has stage 1 veggie babyfood at daycare around 11 or 12 with 5 ounces bm
    She has another 5 ounce bottle at daycare between 3 and 4
    we nurse on demand in the evening (usually a couple of times)
    I have tried giving her things with more texture and finger foods at home, but she refuses to eat them. She will gobble up her cereal and purees but refuses anything with texture. I give her cherrios and she just plays with them but will not put them in her mouth. It would be funny if it was not so frustrating! She puts everything else in her mouth .

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    Default Re: 7 1/2 - 8 month olds - schedules?

    My two are 9.5 months and dd is 19.5lbs/ds 22.5 lbs. Here is our approximate schedule.

    6:30 wake up/nurse
    7:30 breakfast 1/2 waffle or toast 3.5 oz jar of veg or fruit, sometimes both (I let them eat until they refuse food).
    10:00 nurse
    11:30 lunch (2-4 containers of baby food if nothing else), fruit, toast, cheese, whatever they are in the mood for...
    1:00 nurse
    3:00 sometimes snack of veg crackers if hungry
    4:30 nurse
    5:15 dinner, pasta/veg soup, veg, fruit, again whatever they will eat (usually they eat about the equal to 3-4 things of baby food.)
    7:30 nurse and go to bed
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    Default Re: 7 1/2 - 8 month olds - schedules?

    Colton's (8 months on Saturday) day goes like this . ..

    • 8ish: wake up after 2 hours of on and off nursing (I get up at 5, but he usually recalls me with needing to nurse)
    • 10:30 ish: nap, usually nursing down
    • up around 11:15 to 12, just in time for lunch, where I offer something
    • play time until 2:30-3:30, at which time he goes down. Usually nurses at least once during that time
    • nurse down to sleep, and takes a good nap, usually at least an hour and often two, and nurses upon awaking
    • play time in the evening, usually outside with big brother and DH
    • I offer food at dinnertime, but he's decided he's not interested in food. I don't push it.
    • bedtime around 8:30-9:30, when he shows tired signs, nursing to sleep
    • He might rustle around once during the night around 2AM, or not, or every two hours, like last night

    He's long. 18 lbs, 29-30 inches or so.

    We are very, very careful to introduce solids at the baby's pace and to avoid things like wheat, corn, dairy, some fruit, basically anything that's got a stronger association to allergies since both DH and I have allergies, food allergies are prevalant in my family and DS #1 has some sensitivities. Colton appears to have a dairy allergy -- if I eat too much, he pays the price I don't do Cheerios, waffels, bagels, crackers, that sort of thing until later, and the Gerber things are full of stuff I don't want my kids eating (besides, they cost too much). So when I offer something, it's fruit or veggies. I never spoonfeed, just offering bits of stuff, but he gets spoons to play with along with his food.
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