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Thread: refuses solids

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    Hey, we started when DS was 6.5 months but stopped shortly after because he was not that interested and got a nasty diaper rash. We just restarted last week and he is now 8 months old and LOVES them. But, we do it in moderation, only after breastfeeding and max of 2x.day. He will usually finish off 1 stage 2 jar of organic bananas in those two feedings.

    The little guy I babysit however just turned 5 months land LOVES his rice cereal. It is a hit or miss when he wants it, but on the days that I get it right, he laughs, coos, smacks his lips and pretty much every other baby sound when he sees the spoon coming. But since he is so young I would never push the food. It is something that his mom started him on and I am simply following her requests.

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    I just wanted to say that I'm experiencing the same problem. My baby Alexis is 7 months and 3 days!
    We started solids at 4 months, she had rice cereal and carrots here and there and seemed to like it, by 5 months she would take less and less, now at 7 months, she will not eat at all. She will shut her lips and nothing will go in, she presses them hard and there is nothing that will make her to open up!
    I guess my milk is enough for her for now - even though I worry about her not eating - its only natural i guess! I just wish she would open up and eat fast.

    good luck to both of us!

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    My DD is almost 11 months and does not like food. She will eat Cheerios and things like that but shows very little desire in spoon fed foods. I think this must be normal. My only advise is let baby lead the way she will eat eventually.


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