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Thread: oral aversion--is this real?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CALEBSMOMMY05
    My son is 11 and a half months old and he absolutely refuses to eat solids, he loves putting toys and everything else in his mouth. He loves toast, mango, and sugar-free popsicles. He chews and swallows them easily, but when it comes to Gerber foods he looks at them like its mustard.
    His 8 month old cousin weighs more than he does and his cousin eats everything in site so this is very frustrating for me. My son eats about 8 bottles a day. I give him toast and he loves it, but I try to trick him into eating something he doesn't go for and he catches me before I even get it near his mouth! My son is extremely smart. At his last well baby appointment he weighed 18 lbs. 6 oz. but his doctor says he is following a curve so he's still doing good. He is a healthy happy baby and I wish he would eat.
    he also has an unsually fast metabolism, so that contributes to his weight as well. I am a new mommy so I am hoping the doctor tells me this is normal and if not sends my son to a specialist.
    I don't think you need to worry; these things all sound pretty normal to me. It is very common for babies/toddlers to be picky about foods. He obviously has the skills he needs to be able to eat. Also, the foods that you mentioned that he likes (toast, mango) are real, whole foods. Many babies don't like baby food. Maybe try some other table foods and see if he likes those. Try not to compare his weight to other babies around you (as the mother of a small child I realize this is very hard ). If your son is growing and the doctor says he's fine--then he's most likely fine. Recent studies I think show that lean is really healthier anyway-even for babies. Every child has his own growth pattern.

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    Smile Re: oral aversion--is this real?

    Hi all!

    I have a little information on oral aversion.....several people are describing babies who seem to bring things into thier mouths, but aren't interested in solid foods yet....that can be very normal. I would ask if possibly your baby is telling you that thin purees are not for him - especially if he's already chewing and swallowing toast. Consult your pediatric specialist, but a baby already chewing and swallowing solids may be more interested in super soft (squishes easily between your fingers) solids.....my son has nothing to do with purees now....

    IF your child resists anything in his mouth - doesn't mouth toys or other things to explore, then I would try to help him learn how to find his mouth.....it may be that he doesn't realize he has the power to put something in there, and just needs a "heads up". If he fights that, then you may be looking at oral sensitivity. In that event, I either try to gently wipe around the mouth with a wash cloth, then on the lips. then a bit insode the lips OR I would speak with your pediatric specialist, and ask for a sppech language referral.....it's nothing terribly scary, you're just looking out for your child.

    SO- basically, if your baby mouths objects, you're probably OKAY........

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