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    Posting from the tech room? Send a shout out to your friends at home!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LLL_Jolie View Post
    Posting from the tech room? Send a shout out to your friends at home!
    Hi y'all! I'm in Chicago, winding down day 3 of a whirlwind conference. I did stop by the tech room this morning to check that out, and I did post a blog entry on the official Conference blog (I'll edit later with a link if I can find it).

    I could tell you all about the big-name speakers and incredibly informative sessions I've been attending, but I know what everyone REALLY wants to hear about is the mother-to-mother support forums meet-up that happened last night. Sadly, I am not the one with the camera, so you'll have to wait a bit for photos.

    Brittan (w/ DH & DS), Kristie (w/ DS), Evin (w/ DH & DD), fergie830 (w/ DS), and I (all by my lonesome) met up for dinner. We were on a quest for authentic deep-dish Chicago pizza, but w/ long lines and hungry toddlers, we ended up instead in a nice little upscale Italian chain restaurant. The mommas all talked like we've known each other forever (which we more or less have), the kiddos were all adorable, and the two DHs were sweet and patient. A good time was had by all.

    I have been taking careful notes at my sessions and am planning to share some information in the relevant forums here when I get home. Today, I attended a fascinating session in which Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett presented the latest research that indicates a new paradigm for understanding, preventing, and treating postpartum depression (in a nutshell, it's all about systemic inflammation and neuro-immunology, which is a word I didn't know existed until this morning and which doesn't exactly fit into a nutshell, does it??)

    I also want to share some ideas for breastfeeding writing circles, from the session by Dr. Barbara Behrmann (author of _The Breastfeeding Cafe_) on women's breastfeeding stories. I also found the luncheon presentation on mother-baby togetherness by Dr. Nils Bergman to be eye-opening and powerful.

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