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Thread: Need to get rid of my Lact-aid

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    Default Need to get rid of my Lact-aid

    Hi my name is Kim and I have recently successfully relacted in order to breastfeed my 3 mos old adopted daughter. With a combo of herbs and lots of great support from a good friend, I have plenty of milk, my issue is tha tmy daughter LOVES the lact-aid she does not nurse well without the little tube and some milk coming from it!! This is my 8th child and all of them have been succesfully breastfed so I am not a novice, and I woull really like to get rid to the SNS ( way too much trouble) I also know she is getting more than enough milk at each feeding because she is vomiting after each feeding due to OVER eating ( we have changed formula and when she does not overeat she does not vomit) so we really need to wean from the SNS. Any an dall suggestions are VERY welcome!!!
    thanks so much!

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    Default Re: Need to get rid of my Lact-aid

    maybe some of theese hint in this link would help.
    Its about weaning form the nipple sheild but should be some of the same issues.

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