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Thread: Spitting up at 3 days old?

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    Default Spitting up at 3 days old?

    My sis just came home from the hospital yesterday and so far she has been doing great w/ BF, but her ds started spitting up ALOT as of today. He is spitting up more than my 5 month old dd. She has been leaking since she was 8 months pregant, and she started getting her milk in a few days ago, I was wondering if this could be from an overproduction of milk. He is making gulping sounds while he is nursing too. Poor thing, he wants to nurse, but i think he is just getting too much milk......what do you think?

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    Default Re: Spitting up at 3 days old?

    Congrats to your sis and family on the new arrival

    All babies (and mamas) are different so I would take caution in comparing what each of them do.

    Having said that, I have found some info regarding the things you mentioned - I hope something you find proves helpful

    Spitting up

    This quote from that page then leads me to the next issue of milk production & oversupply.

    Babies often spit up when they get too much milk too fast. This may happen when baby feeds very quickly or aggressively, or when mom’s breasts are overfull. The amount of spitup typically appears to be much more than it really is.

    THat link give us this quote:
    Mothers who are working to remedy oversupply usually need to decrease supply without decreasing overall nursing frequency or weaning baby. One way to accomplish this is by "block nursing" - mom nurses baby as frequently as usual but restricts baby to one breast for a set period of time (often 3-4 hours but sometimes longer) before switching sides. In this way, more milk accumulates in the breast before mom switches sides (thus slowing milk production) but baby's nursing frequency is not limited.

    As for the gulping, it may be nothing, but it may be that she be on her way to OALD so to watch for other signs of that early on and she may be able to combat them early and well
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    Default Re: Spitting up at 3 days old?

    heres something from that 1st link
    Newborns who projectile vomit at least once a day should be checked out by their doctor.
    projectile is the key, if it doesn't shoot across the room and baby seams happy and is gainnig weight thing should be ok.
    Sometimes it helps alot to hold the baby upright after all feeds.
    The baby is young yet too and her milk supply might even out in a few days and be more managable for the baby.

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    Default Re: Spitting up at 3 days old?

    If the vomit is projectile, she should definitely call the pedi.

    Also, call if baby's wet and poopy diapers aren't adequate.

    Congrats to your sister.

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