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Thread: Taking antibiotics while BF?

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    Default Taking antibiotics while BF?

    Dh got sick with a sore throat/runny nose about a week ago, and now I'm sick with the same thing. He went to the doc today, was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and given antibiotics. Ds is 7 weeks old and does not seem to be sick yet.

    Does anyone have advice on whether I should go to the doc and get antibiotics too? I'm worried about taking antibiotics while BF because I don't want to increase my chances of getting thrush. Does acidophilus help prevent thrush while on antibiotics?

    I don't want Ds to get sick, but I don't want thrush either, so I'm not sure what to do - I don't mind suffering through being sick and not taking the antibiotics if it's better for Ds and BF.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Default Re: Taking antibiotics while BF?

    Just a few quick thoughts as I have to run.

    DS has been exposed long before you knew ya'll we're sick. Your breastmilk is most likely keeping him healthy

    Most ABX (antibiotics) are approved by the AAP while bf'ing as they're most likely somthing your DS would get were he to be prescribed some. But if you decide to go to the doc, make sure they know you're bfing and they'll give you something thats 'safest'

    I woldn't go to the doc,were I you, until I thought I needed it. y/k? His may manifest differently than yours.

    Heres a link to a page that talks more about abx... heres one that talks about preventing thrush, JIC

    also, if you can call a local LLL or IBCLC that may prove helpful, too
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    Default Re: Taking antibiotics while BF?

    If you got sick before your baby did, than your antibodies will be passed through your milk, which is probably why your baby isn't sick yet. I totally agree that you should go see your doctor and be treated as necessary.

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    Default Re: Taking antibiotics while BF?

    just a quick suggestion...If you do end up on antibiotics(I just finished a round of Amoxicililn for a serious sinus infection and DD is perfectly fine) get some probiotics to keep the digestive tract in tact to avoid thrush.
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    Default Re: Taking antibiotics while BF?

    Antibiotics should be fine, just don't go above recommended dosage...and be careful...here's a helpful link.


    Don't ever think that doctors and nurses know it all. Do your research. In the hospital, since I was a first time mom, and didn't know I had rights, the nurses wouldn't let me breastfeed, and my girls had only formula and what I could pump for the first week of their lives! Then I found out that if a baby gets formula first, and then strictly breastfeeds, there is a chance that they could develop an allergy to cow's milk later in life. Most nurses aren't aware of things like this that we should know!

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    Default Re: Taking antibiotics while BF?

    Thanks for all of your advice! I am starting to feel better and DS seems to still be healthy, so hopefully we will both get through this without having to take any medication.

    Thanks again for the responses.

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