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Thread: 4 days plan to restart breastfeeding???

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    Default 4 days plan to restart breastfeeding???

    i have a almost 4 month old he has had a allergy and dr. pulled him off breastmilk. i am going on major diet and want to start him back on breastfeeding again. any suggestions on when i start back up it has been about 2 weeks off breast can you go that long without him latching and will he learn it again? how long will it take to get him to latch back on? he has been on and off bottle since about a month old. but major just the last few weeks. Help any suggestions would be wonderful.

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    Default Re: 4 days plan to restart breastfeeding???

    Have you tried latching your baby back on with any luck so far?
    You could try the old bath tub trick where you get them all nice and relaxed in a warm bath and ease them onto your breast. If they are feeling good they might start rooting around for a nipple and you can get them latched on pretty easy if they are interested. Lots of skin on skin contact will help you reorient your baby back to the breast. Are you using a slow flow nipple on the bottle? That makes it harder to get the milk and a hard bottle is a good bottle. Suckling is hard work and bottles can encourage lazy eating.
    Everyone wants the easier softer path, its not personal. Just remember it might take a second to do, and have patience with your baby and also yourself. I am sure you can do it mama!

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    Default Re: 4 days plan to restart breastfeeding???

    Hi! I had to supplement my baby while he had jaundice and it was hard to get him back on the breast. It did happen, but I had to be absolutely commited and diligent about always offering the breast.

    About the allergies, get the baby back on the breast ASAP. My baby has allergies to milk, soy, egg, peanut, potato & tomato. He was never off breastmilk, even after some bad advice from a Dr. Many doctors advise to quit BF'ing, but it's not necessary. Let me know if you have any questions about the allergies, I did tons of research!
    Amber, mama to

    Henry 11~13~06
    Allergic to dairy, soy, egg, peanut, all tree nuts, wheat, barley, potato, chickpeas, pea

    Georgia & Miles 7~7~10

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    Default Re: 4 days plan to restart breastfeeding???

    Hola Andrea. Moví su email. Aquí está http://forums.llli.org/showthread.php?t=26342

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    Default Re: 4 days plan to restart breastfeeding???

    When my daughter was born, she had a very bad latch. After about 3 weeks, I was in intense pain and bleeding; so I LC gave me the horrible advice of exclusively pumping. I pumped until my daughter was about 3 months, then we went back to breastfeeding.

    It was hard for both of us. She had no idea how to breastfeed at that point, and I was still in pain and frustrated with the entire experience. It seemed that everytime I did nurse her, she would start cluster feeding like she wasn't getting enough.

    Some how, we got past all the issues and I nursed her for 20 months without using a bottle again. So, it can be done. But, it isn't easy.

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