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Thread: Help- I Want To get Milk supply Back!

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    Default Help- I Want To get Milk supply Back!

    I am new here so I will give you all my sad sorry tale -

    My first son was severely tounge tied. It was terrible trying to get him to latch- He didnt get clipped till he was about 3 weeks old. I was cracked and bleading all the time it got so bad he actually had blood in his spit up... Then according to my LC My let down was so slow which was one reason my baby didnt want to stay and nurse so I went to pumping. My milk supply just went completely. I went from pumping 4 oz to 1 to none in about 2 weeks. So That was that.

    My second son was born 1/05/07 he was born at 35 weeks and 5 days AND tounge tied. So I went to lactation consultant all the time, almost every day for 2 weeks. (His tounge was fixed when he was 3 days old) Then one day he latched great and was exclusively bfed, 4 days later he lacthed on nursed for 10 minutes and then started screaming he wouldnt get back on, so I pumped and nothing came, I pumped and pumped. Finally about 5 hours later (and 2 bottles of formula ) I managed to get 2 oz. I then tried to put him back to breast he nursed for a few minutes and then screamed same thing happened when I pumped nothing came.

    fast forward a few days afte mothers tea and oatmeal still no milk and now baby didnt want my boob. So i just kept trying to e pump and after a few days my milk came up and i just bottlefed him bm..then my milk went again! but it nevr came back, I continued trying for a few weeks. I threw in the towel. He was about 2 month old then.

    NOW- he is 5 months old and and I am trying to get my milk back- I want to give it another go. I feel so badly I have broken boobies
    What recently inspired me was that he just grabbed me and latched on (I was wearing him in a sling in the shower). Now several time he has latched on again!

    Is this possible now after about 3 months of no milk Can I get it back!?


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    Default Re: Help- I Want To get Milk supply Back!

    Hello and Welcome!

    Yes, it is possible to relactate, but it will take some time and effort on your part. The best way to rebuild your milk supply is to latch baby on and nurse him as often as he is willing. You will need to wean from formula slowly. There are other mamas on this board who have successfully relactated. I'm sure some of them will chime in with their stories. Check out our archives, as well as the sticky at the top of this forum.

    Good luck to you!


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    Default Re: Help- I Want To get Milk supply Back!

    What a great mommy you are! You can do it!

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