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Thread: exclusive pumping--dealing with emotional side?

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    Default exclusive pumping--dealing with emotional side?

    I am so torn between letting my daughter take a bottle all day and just nursing at night (if she will) while she's sleepy, versus trying to get her back on the breast while i'm with her during the day.

    I work and pump for her and she is taking a bottle at daycare. Starting a few weeks ago when she came home she would nurse only for a few minutes and then refused. She will only nurse at night when she is sleepy. So my supply started going down. I took some fenugreek and it went back up fine.

    Lately she's taking to just wanting the bottle, no nursing. Part of me wants that because then she'll eat fine while at daycare. THe other part of me just wants her to be able to nurse while she's with me. But she won't. She prefers the bottle because of the flow I suppose. I can't "banish the bottle" because she needs to eat during the day.

    So...I'm sad because I want to nurse her...sad because it looks like she doesn't want to anymore...and really really torn about what to do. I know I'm going through all kinds of emotions with this and don't know how to sort them out (obviously, with my rambling thread)... any advice?

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    Default Re: exclusive pumping--dealing with emotional side?

    Does she not nurse in the morning when your supply is the at the most? I had a problem with my ds not wanting to nurse for a while, because my milk was not coming in fast enough. I learned I had to relax more when I was nursing him, we usually ended up lying down when I would nurse him because he would scwirm (I cant think of how to spell that word). I could relax a little more and stop fighting him, we would usually end up taking a nap together. Drink some water before you nurse. I also just recently learned and started doing deep breast massage to help my flow when it was too slow for him. That helps ALOT!
    You'll get through it, just keep nursing. Don't give up you can do it. BF takes alot of patience and hard work-something I never thought would be so hard for a natural instinct. Hopefully someone will be able to offer more help than me!

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    Default Re: exclusive pumping--dealing with emotional side?

    no, she won't nurse in the morning--but probably because she's just not hungry enough and really wants to just play. she won't take a bottle in the morning either--she waits until like 10am.

    I've tried breast compressions but she's not patient enough to see what it does. she arches and cries until i pick her up from nursing position.

    this is so hard...

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    Default Re: exclusive pumping--dealing with emotional side?

    It could be that she's not as hungry first thing in the morning. Some children just aren't. How old is she?

    One idea that came to mind as I was reading your situation was a method of bottle feeding called the "Dee Kassing Method." It's been designed by a La Leche League Leader and IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) as a way to help babies who have become accustomed to the bottle relearn the right techniques to help them nurse effectively at the breast. If your caregiver is willing to try a few different things with how they feed your child, and if you can get a hold of some of the types of bottles described in this article (they are basically the really old-fashioned types of bottles, long rather skinny nipple) it might be a way to help your daughter get back to being comfortable with nursing.

    Here is a link to Dee's article. (it's a bit of a technical article, but the contents are really valuable)

    Another thing that might be helpful to you is to look over some tips about nursing strikes. Here is a page with a lot of different articles and information about nursing strikes: http://www.lalecheleague.org/NB/NBstrikes.html

    If you consider that she's refusing to breastfeed when not sleepy to be a bit of a nursing strike, maybe some of the information in the above articles will help.

    Good luck to you. You are doing a great job!

    LLL Leader, IL

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