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Thread: Baby Won't Take my Milk from Bottle - HELP!

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    Default Baby Won't Take my Milk from Bottle - HELP!

    Ok, I'm getting a little freaked out!!! I officially go back to work on May 13th and my 10-week old won't take a bottle - ack!

    My husband and mother have been trying to work on Owen with the bottle for a couple weeks now. Several weeks ago Owen took 3 1/2 ounces wonderfully from an Avent bottle on a couple occasions.

    We tried again today for the first time in a couple weeks with NO luck! Off and on today we had been trying with only my husband giving the bottle. I basically had to end up breastfeeding the little guy, he was getting sooo pissed off!

    What can I do? I'm sooo afraid the dreaded day of work is going to come and he still won't be able to take a bottle. I have tried various nipples and in the past the slow flow seemed to work the best.


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    Default Re: Baby Won't Take my Milk from Bottle - HELP!

    Hi Andrea -

    There have been a few recent threads in the Working and Breastfeeding forum about this exact topic, you may find some helpful hints in here:


    and here

    Let us know how it goes.

    LLL Leader, IL

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    Default Re: Baby Won't Take my Milk from Bottle - HELP!

    Hi Andrea. My son stopped taking a bottle at about three months, after previously taking the Avent bottle. I think I didn't give it to him regularly enough to keep it up. I tried several different Avent nipples and then Playtex, and he stilll refused. I also was going on a work-related trip and he ended up screaming in the hotel room with my partner while I gave my talk. BUT, recently things are looking up -- we've tried Dr. Brown's bottle, and he has now taken it several times. It seems to work best when I'm out of the house and he has just had a pleasant afternoon walk with my partner. It's also best not to let him get too hungry and hyper, or else he is inconsolable and just wants me. It's a bit of a trick judging when he's hungry enough to eat, but not so hungry that he's manic, but we've found that the timing is really important. I have another trip in June so we're hoping to get him used to it enough by then so that he can last two days without me. So, keep trying, he may come around -- and check out Dr. Browns. I'm using the number two nipple as my baby is a fan of faster flow (he's 4.5 months).

    Good luck!

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