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Thread: Trying to breasfeed after being away from home

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    Default Trying to breasfeed after being away from home


    I need some help desperately. I just returned from a 11 day trip away from home. I was send on business and could not take my baby with. She stayed with Granny. She is now 7.5 months old.

    Now that I am back she is refusing to take the breast again, she also refuses to take the bottle, but are more keen to put the bottle in her mounth than my breast. As soon as I put her in my arms to feed she pushes me away and start screaming. I managed to feed her while she is asleep, but this is a problem, as I can not make her go to sleep before I give her the breast (Or should I)

    Please help, I do not want the breastfeeding to stop now

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    Default Re: Trying to breasfeed after being away from home

    It may take several days to bring her back to the breast. Read up on nursing strikes - that's what this is. Since she's taking it when she's asleep, she obviously still has the ability to do this.

    For starters, offer the breast when she's happy and in a good mood, not when she's already angry with hunger. You could try lots of skin to skin - you wandering around the house, playing with her, all without a shirt on.

    Take a warm, relaxing bath with her.

    There are lots more hints here: http://www.lalecheleague.org/NB/NBstrikes.html
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    Default Re: Trying to breasfeed after being away from home

    Hello, I am also going to be going on a two week trip and will not be able to take my baby. My question for you is, how were you able to keep your milk supply up while you were gone? Did you pump constantly? Did you have a lower milk supply after you got back than before? My daughter currently has no BF issues, and she will be 6 months when I have to go, I am wondering if I willl still be able to BF after this trip or if I should wean her before I go, I am worried that that short time away will cause a significant decrease in my milk supply. Did that happen to you? What did you do with the milk that you pumped? Did you dump it? I think it would be way to much for me to save, but I feel so bad about dumping BM. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Trying to breasfeed after being away from home

    Just want to say a few words b4 I go to bed. It can be done I was separated from my first for almost a month, and went we got back together we continue our nursing relationship. I pumped but my supply did drop a bit, although I fixed. Tomorrow I get into details and some ideas for you guys, I'm extremely tired!

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