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Thread: Dropped night feed came back?

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    Default Dropped night feed came back?

    My 10 weeks old had 2 night feedings from 10pm to 9am until she was 8 weeks old, that she would wake up at 5:30am for the feed and then goes back to sleep till 9am. But that only lasted for one week and now she had been waking up for 2 feedings again, and also her wake time now is one hour earlier (8am). I would like to know, if she could last the night with only one feeding for one week, can I not feed her twice a night again. Am I supposed to give her dummy or water instead? Please help. I really miss that week of one night feeding and waking up at 9am!

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    Default Re: Dropped night feed came back?

    Your LO is still really young to sleep that long consistently. Keep in mind that your LO will have many growth spurts, and her nursing pattern is liable to change frequently for a while still. Hang in there!

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    Default Re: Dropped night feed came back?

    I bet you do miss it!
    However, a baby's need for calories changes as they begin to develop different parts of their bodies, the brain, the digestive system, bones fusing. Its important to remember that their tummies are very tiny and that they need you to follow their hunger cues. If your baby wants to bf, then offer the breast not water or a passi. Many mothers who feed between 8 and 12 times in 24 hours have babies that experience optimum weight gain. As they grow older their ability to eat larger meals helps to lengthen the time between feeds. 10 weeks is really young.

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    She'll get back to it eventually, but at that young it's a good idea to nurse whenever she wants to make sure your milk supply adjusts to growth spurts. I know mine hit a growth spurt about 3 months. Then one started sleeping through consistently, the other has been much more erratic.

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