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Thread: Sensitivity??

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    My dd is 6m & has been on og oatmeal for 1 month, i started to introduce other solids- prunes, advacado, banana's & apples. I make all her food & it's all organic. I always wait 3 days to introduce something new. The last new food was apples & all of sudden she has a terrible diaper rash. She's never had a rash before & I'm very diligent about changing her. Could this be from the apples?? What should I do? Stop the apples, or will this pass once her bodies use to the change? She doesn't seem to mind, but it looks awful!

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    Yup, very possible. I would stop the apples and see if the rash clears up within the week. If not, you may need to stop even more to see if it could be anything else. Going back 1-2 foods should do it.

    DS was FINE until we added in Sweet Potato and then he got a rash that didn't go away for several weeks. Still don't know if it was really the food or what but we JUST restarted foods and are sticking with bananas and plums for right now.

    Don't worry, it's a normal process of starting the solids.

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